The Africa PID Alliance has signed The Barcelona Declaration

The Barcelona Declaration   underscores the significant impact of unrestricted access to research information, while simultaneously acknowledging the constraints and challenges posed by closed, proprietary infrastructures.

The Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information is committed to four main principles: (1) making open research information the standard practice, (2) collaborating with services and systems that promote and facilitate open research information, (3) ensuring the long-term sustainability of open research information infrastructures, and (4) working together to transition from closed to open research information. This aligns with the goal of the Africa PID Alliance, which aims to provide dependable open research infrastructure services that bring knowledge and metadata about digital objects closer to wider communities, including indigenous knowledge and patent metadata, beginning in Africa.

The Africa PID Alliance aims to preserve the future of African innovation, indigenous knowledge, and cultural heritage. Digitization of research results is a significant concern in Africa.  The lack of digitization of research results poses a significant barrier in Africa. We will bring access to knowledge and metadata about digital objects closer to wider groups, including indigenous knowledge and patent metadata, through the Africa PID Alliance’s innovative programs and trustworthy open research infrastructure services, beginning in Africa. We plan to address these issues by developing Persistent, Accessible, and Affordable Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) in Africa. For more please go here