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Community Statement: Enhancing Africa’s production of PIDs.

Dear Africa PID Alliance Community,
As we stand at the intersection of technological advancement and cultural preservation, the Africa PID Alliance is embarking on a transformative journey to address the pressing need for robust data infrastructures in Africa. The landscape of economic development across the continent is diverse, and our focus is on fostering innovation in indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage, as well as streamlining the management of digital objects such as patents. Considering the financial constraints faced by some universities in affording Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all scholarly and research output, and the prevalence of gray literature in Africa, we recognize the need for a multilinear digital object identification system. This system will seamlessly link local handles and DOIs, offering a comprehensive approach to managing the wealth of research content, particularly in the realm of indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage.

Multilinear Digital Object Identification:

In the case of patents, a digital object identifier container becomes pivotal in consolidating DOIs and locally created handle iDs. This consolidation enables the dissemination of a holistic view of the research lifecycle, innovation leading to patents, and associated works, documents, and media. Similarly, this multilinear data model is applicable to indigenous knowledge, uniting biocultural attributes and scientific data within a single digital object container DOCiDTM. The approach extends to interconnecting various types of objects to be digitized, fostering a more integrated and comprehensive understanding.

Digital Infrastructure and Data Architecture:

Our digital infrastructure relies on the integration of CORDRA and Invenio, leveraging their respective strengths in digital object repository management and digital library presentation. CORDRA generates unique identifiers, ensuring a solid foundation for our multilinear data model. Invenio, our digital library platform, complements Cordra by presenting digital objects to users seamlessly. The integration layer acts as a bridge, facilitating communication and data flow between CORDRA and Invenio. Additionally, the Digital Object Identifier Container (DOCiDTM ) based on COAR controlled vocabulary and provides a standardized format, incorporating fields to link identifiers from CORDRA and other Registration Authorities (RAs).

Access and Retrieval:

Our architecture emphasizes the importance of access and retrieval. Through Invenio, the associated identifier retrieves data from CORDRA when necessary, offering a user-friendly interface to access linked digital objects. Stringent error handling, synchronization processes, and access control measures ensure the integrity and consistency of data and identifiers between Cordra and Invenio.

Pilot Infrastructure Moderation and Future Outlook:

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the implementation of a multilinear Digital DOCiD Infrastructure Pilot. This pilot utilizes open-source software, such as CORDRA and Invenio, to automatically create identifiers in CORDRA and assign them to corresponding container iDs in the Invenio DOCiD platform. The integration between Cordra and Invenio is crucial for managing digital objects, particularly DOIs, and presenting them within the framework of the APA Initiative.

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As we embark on this journey, we invite you to be a signatory to this open letter, expressing your support for the advancement of digital infrastructure in Africa and the preservation of indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage. Sincerely,
Africa PID Alliance leadership

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