Infrastructural Development

Our objective is to provide a multilinear approach to developing and implementing persistent identifiers for patent, indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage data, that connects to the research lifecycle. This in turn will create a sustainable and inclusive scholarly infrastructure system that meets the diverse needs of African communities and contribute to long-term socio-economic development

Policy and advocacy

Engage with policymakers to advocate for favorable legal and regulatory frameworks that protect digital assets and promote digital innovation and  work closely with relevant authorities to establish standards and guidelines for digital object registration and related services. With  the loss of  data  through helicopter science,   African   policy actors   need to  be  actively  aware of the  […..]

Capacity strengthening and training

At the core of our capacity strengthening and training approach lies the goal of cultivating a competent workforce capable of making meaningful contributions to FAIR scholarly infrastructure, particularly in the realm of managing digital registrations and associated services. We are adamant that empowering individuals with the requisite skills and knowledge is vital for the successful[…..]

Invest In Open Research

Haba na haba hujaza kibaba -Swahili proverb. (Little by little fills the basket) Invest in Open Research (IOR)from Africa is a strategic project that promotes sustainable innovation,  triple helix collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the region on Open  Science. The focal  areas  that will be supported   are: Infrastructure development Capacity strengthening  and training Seed funding[…..]